How To Train A Beagle

How to train a beagle

How to train a beagleLearning how to train a beagle means doing things in stages. Although animals like dogs seem to learn the behavior related to the basic needs of life like walking, eating, drinking and other things fairly quickly, puppy training must also cover other behavior traits. And if your beagle lives with you in doors, then this is especially true.

Rules of How to Train Dogs:

When learning about beagle obedience training, be sure to remember they this breed tends to be very excitable and when focused on a scent trail can be difficult to verbally recall. Therefore it is critical to remain calm and use positive reinforcement. Treats in relation to physical and vocal commands can really help wonders in beagle training.

Your dogs crate training can be very helpful as well. Please do not think of this as some sort of cruelty or punishment. It is actually a great thing for your puppy obedience training. You see, the crate becomes the beagle’s own space, a sort of sanctuary for them. It is a place they can go to feel safe, comfortable and a dedicated area fro them to sleep. It sets up structure when beagle training. If you are wanting to know how to crate train a puppy, be sure not to use it as a punishment. It is not a place they go when they are bad, it should be a harbor of comfort for them.

When your beagle has done something improper, then you may firmly, but in a non-abusive way, reprimand them at that exact moment. This is critical when you train beagle puppies because ten seconds later and you are too late. You must correct the behavior at the time of action if you are going to learn how to train a beagle correctly.

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Being patient with your beagle will also reap great rewards. Here is the thing, you must say or do the command only once as they perform the action. If they don’t perform you must reset the situation. Some good advice is to not repeat the command over and over as it will later take your beagle more than one command to do something. However, you must repeat this learning process a multitude of times. This is where patience is definitely a virtue.

If you spend some time an effort with your dog, you may be able to get them to do cool tricks like seen in this video:

Cute Dog Tricks

Cute Dog Tricks

Cute Dog Tricks
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Phases of Beagle Training

As mentioned above, training your dog means doing things in phases. For example, crate training your beagle before house training could mean disaster as they just might learn to urinate in their crate and the frustration will wear on you. Perhaps this is not a great example because generally animals will not go to the bathroom where they sleep. But I think you get the point.

Here are some recommended training tips:

  • Start crate training your beagle starting when they are around eight to twelve weeks old. This is usually the time when most puppies are able to leave their mothers and be welcomed into a new family. Thus it is a great time to train this behavior. Keep in mind that the puppy may not be very happy at first with the accommodations but soon will learn to love their own private space.
  • Start housebreaking you beagle right about this same time. Be patient and don’t expect immediate results, however a few things like taking them out immediately after drinking water or eating food and staying out until they go to the bathroom will speed up the process.
  • Earn their respect. You must be the leader of the pack. If you establish this control now, then training other behavior down the line shall head off any problems and expedite obedience.
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A few facts about Beagles:
Beagles come in a few standard sizes however they tend to have a close laying coat in a three color combination.  You can learn more about beagles at the American Kennel Club.

The beagle is a member of the hound group and were bred to track the scent train of rabbits and other game due to their ability to chase smells. With proper obedience training you can redevelop this breed’s hunting skills and a good gundog beagle, if that is your cup of tea.

More recently they tend to be used as detection dogs for police and other governmental agencies that monitor quarantined or illegal substance trafficking.  Obedience training for beagle puppies is critical in these types of situations.

So you can see, knowing how to train a beagle can and bring about exceptional talent. But even beagle training as mundane as house breaking need not be frustrating.

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