Aggressive BeagleAll dog breeds are prone to aggression because of their territorial instincts. An aggressive beagle however is a big cause for concern.

Why There Is Concern With Aggression

Beagles are very excitable dogs and if not trained properly their aggressive behavior can lead to problems like snapping, biting and barking at just about anyone. This coupled with the sharp pointy teeth in the beagle’s strong mouth and you have a potential lawsuit due to the dog taking a chunk out of an unknowing child or the mail man.

Any type of aggression like barking or jumping up on people is something to be concerned about for any dog owner. Failure by owners to act on these signs have often lead to terrible physical attacks and even fatal outcomes from an aggressive beagle.

Luckily, with the proper beagle training, even an already aggressive dog can be remedied. The important thing is to stop the behavior as quickly as you can and if it is already bad then you might want to seek professional dog training help.

What Kind Of Aggression Is It?

The first thing you need to do is to understand what type of beagle aggression your are dealing with. There are various levels to aggressive beagle symptoms which originate for many different causes.

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Aggression toward strangers in of primary concern. This is the most common as beagle tend to be protectors of their territory and family. Sometimes the dog will be very anxious and agitated while other time your puppy may just be tense and still.

The main cause of this type of aggressive beagle behavior is founded in that there has not been enough socialization for the beagle. Or perhaps it was done in the wrong way. Puppies need to be introduce to people and animals in a calm way free of tension and excitement. They need to learn to obey commands even when there is excitement of meeting a new friend.

Another type of behavior we see in an aggressive beagle is actions taken against family members. Yes I know this is a little surprising but it can happen. These dogs are very loyal but they are also bond very tightly with people. If they feel jealous because you are moving in on their territory (like hugging your child) they may feel threatened. Or maybe you just grabbed his bone away from him and he didn’t like it. These are both cases of the dog trying to be the leader of the pack. It must be corrected immediately.

It really depends on how sever the behavior is to whether you need to seek out professional help. As a start to ending these problems you may want to look at this guide on stopping aggressive beagle behavior. But what ever is done, the important thing is to address the situation.

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