Beagle BehaviorUsually normal beagle behavior is typically pretty sweet temperament with a playfulness about them. Beagles are notorious for being friendly and an all around good companion. Being that they were originally breed for hunting prey like rabbit, they are smart and can be trained readily for certain tasks.

Unfortunately there are some beagle behavior issues that are not so fantastic. They really can be a bit stubborn at times and that may mean that they can be excessively independent at times.  But for some reason, they also tend to have separation anxiety when left alone. This can lead to destructive chewing and barking problems, neither of which are fun to deal with.

If left unchecked this bad beagle behavior can lead to disastrous situations and even rage. Rage syndrome is not one of the extremely common beagle behavior problems but is a significant one if left unchecked. Aggression can lead to biting and other attacks on individuals and thus can cause legal problems for you. It is best to take care of this before it gets out of hand.  Beagle puppy training can reduce the risk of your dogs involvement in an unwanted situation.

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What are the signs?

Well, I think you probably already know the signs of aggression, the growling, bared teeth, snapping, biting, barking etc. These are pretty natural behaviors for beagle puppies, though they need to be controlled. And are easily done so.  Rage syndrome is a bit different and presents itself as sudden attacks, even when the beagle is not provoked, and then sudden calm after the attack.  You probably shouldn’t assume that because your beagle is perhaps exhibiting some of these behaviors that it is rage syndrome.  Talk to your veterinarian and they can help you determine this.

It is best to consult a specialist when beagle behavior becomes excessively aggressive. You can learn how to train a beagle for most standard issues, but rage syndrome and other aggressiveness needs special skills.  If you need a specialist for beagle training, the best answer is to confer with your vet as to what type and to whom you should take the dog.

The beagle can be one of the greatest pets you will find. They are great with kids usually and really want to be your buddy and make you happy.  However as it is with any dog, you must be there for them to give them structure and control so as to mitigate poor beagle behavior.

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