Beagle Crate TrainingHere is one of the most important elements to teach your beagle: crate training. This is not a form of punishment nor is it simply intended for a means of confinement, contrary to what your first impression may be. Actually, the crate has several purposes in beagle training.

Purposes of Beagle Crate Training
Specifically, there are two primary reasons to use a crate in training beagle. The main reason is to give the beagle puppy a safe zone that they can call their own where they can nest and play.

Many smaller dogs like to have smaller confined spaces in which to sleep. It just may make them feel more secure. They will burrow in curl up and feel like they are in the safest harbor in the world. beagle crate training gives them a place of refuge where they can escape the rest of the house hold. And it will keep them out of trouble and from eating something they shouldn’t when you are not able to keep a watchful eye.

The second reason for beagle crate training is specifically to help with potty training. Instinctively a dog would prefer not to go to the bathroom in the space where they sleep. Therefore when confined in this small space, they tend to hold it in until they can get out. Just remember when house training to take them right outside to go when you open the crate.

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Using the Crate to Potty Train
Keep in mind that the crate is just a tool to facilitate basic puppy training of proper bathroom break behavior. The trick is to provide the right guidance and be aware of their needs so as to not set them up for failure when attempting to house train. Here are a few more tips for beagle crate training:

  • The crate should be big enough that the dog can move around in side ok, but not so big that they can do too much walking around. Otherwise they may just pick a corner and name it the pee station.
  • Be sure to keep the crate clean and five them a comfy blanket or pillow to sleep on. If they really start nesting in it, they will make it their own and will not want to soil in the space.
  • Take your beagle puppy out right before bed time and then immediately after you get up. Some dogs you may need to get up in the middle of the night to let them out when they are very young. But most beagles will sleep through the night if you give them enough exercise the day before. And in any case, as they get older it shouldn’t be a regular thing.

So as you can see, you really need to invest in a crate and start your beagle crate training very early. Buy one when you get the other start up puppy training things like a leash, bowls for food and water, and their first play things. The house training guide can really facilitate beagle puppy training and relieve your potty training frustrations.

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